Listen to Our Hearts?

One of my favorite songs to sing in worship is a song called “Listen to Our Hearts.” Many of you may be familiar with the song but if you’re not, let me explain it a little bit. The song expresses the idea that our words aren’t enough to truly express the love that we have for God. The song calls for God to listen to our hearts, since words will never be enough. It really is a wonderful message. However, maybe we need to be careful what we ask for.

When Jesus spoke with the woman at the well, he told her that correct worship is done in “spirit and truth” (John 4:24). That means, not only do we need to worship God in the way that he commanded, but we also need to make sure that our heart is in the right place. We are often careful to make sure we obey the first part of this command, but it is the “spirit” part we can have a hard time with. When we sing on Sunday mornings, are we only reading the words or are we careful to make sure that our heart is where it needs to be?

It is so easy to become distracted during worship and turn our focus away from God. Often we sing the words without even thinking about what it is we’re saying. We’ve sung the songs so many times, we are almost immune to the words. Perhaps it is time to refocus our heart to make sure that we are worshipping God in the way we are meant to. That way, when we ask God to listen to our heart rather than our words, there will be something for him to hear.


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2 responses to “Listen to Our Hearts?

  • Brittany

    So true! I also think that people get too caught up in how they sound during worship too. Either they don’t fully sing because they don’t think they sound good or they put all their focus in getting the notes right. Its so easy to be distracted and just going through the motions. Thanks for the reminder about the true point of worship!

  • Brittany

    PS – I definitely thought that was you and Carrie in the pew for a second! Haha!

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