Monthly Archives: March 2011

Stressing Out

Stress is a killer. Not just figuratively either. It’s a proven fact that stress can have a very serious negative effect on your health. Yet we continue to allow stress and worry to fill up our lives. How am I going to pay this bill? What am I going to do about my job? How am I going to be able to handle this situation at home? Everyone worries about something. For some, it may be small issues that cause them stress. For others, large dilemmas may be what causes the worry. Regardless, we have to do something about it before it consumes us all.

So what do we do about it? Well, no one knows better than Jesus. What did he say about worrying? Simple: DON’T! In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told the people that they had no need to worry (Matthew 6:25-34). God provides for those who are obedient to Him. In fact, Jesus even used nature as an example. If God will provide for the flowers and the birds, what makes us think he won’t provide for us as well? The cure for anxiety comes in verse 33 when He said that if we seek after God first, all these other things will be taken care of.

How often do we go to God in prayer and ask Him to provide for us during a difficult situation, only to attempt to solve the problem on our own? Or perhaps we pray for God’s provision and yet we continue to worry about what the outcome will be. We need to listen to Jesus’ words and remember that God will provide. For that reason, we have no need to worry.

So, if you’re going to pray about something, don’t worry. If you’re going to worry about something, why pray?