Prioritizing Your Time

They say that you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their bank statement. We tend to spend more money on the things that matter most to us. Obviously a large majority of our finances go towards our necessities (i.e. housing, food, etc.). Those are the things that are most important to us. After that, you can really tell what things seem to be priorities in our life based on where the rest of our finances tend to go.

Jesus made a similar point in Matthew 6:21 when he said, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” If we see worldly things as most important, that’s where our heart will be.

However, I think we can learn even more about ourselves by not only looking at the way we spend our money but the way that we spend our time. The way we spend our time is a great indicator of what’s most important to us. Imagine if once a month you received a “time statement” that let you know exactly how you had spent your time that month. What would you learn about yourself by reading that statement? Would you find that the majority of your time is spent doing spiritual things like reading your Bible or studying with non-believers? Or would you find that most of your time is spent doing worldly things like watching TV or surfing the web? I know that many of us (myself included) wouldn’t be very happy with the results.

This past week, I encouraged the congregation at Bear Valley to make their own “time statement.” I asked each of them to select a couple of days in which they would keep a record of the way they spend their time. I’d like to encourage my readers to do the same. For 2-3 days, write down what you did during 15-30 minute time spans. If you watched TV for an hour, write it down. If you rode your bike for 30 minutes, write it down. If you spent an hour studying Ephesians, write it down. Then, at the end of those days I want you to look back at how you spent your time. I know that it will encourage us to use our time doing the things that God wants.

God should be the center of everything that we do. I’m not saying that watching TV or hopping on Facebook occasionally is wrong. However, when those things become the center of our world, we have a big problem. This week, strive not only to make God a higher priority in your life but instead to make Him THE priority. I am going to push myself to do the same.


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