‘Til “fill-in-the-blank” Do Us Part

As I opened my web browser this morning, I noticed a story reporting that Arnold Schwarzeneggar and his wife of 25 years are separating. I don’t know much about the couple and my expectations of the Terminator are not exactly high. However, it was sad to read that yet another couple had decided that rather than working things out, separation would be a better alternative. Arnold and his wife are not a unique case. It seems as if every day there are those who call it quits on their marriage. I’m not just talking about celebrities either. I’m sure each one of us know a couple that has split over the last few years.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn’t really frown at these facts. Divorce and separation have become very normal in the view of the world. As Christians, our view should obviously not be that of the world. Regardless, even those within the church have begun to allow the world’s view of marriage to creep into their minds.

What does the world say? The world says that marriage, though special, doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact, marriage isn’t even necessary anymore. As far as the world is concerned, why get married when you can just live together? The sad truth is, the world laughs at the Biblical view of marriage. The world not only laughs at it, but claims it’s boring. Being with the same person for your whole life is looked at as unexciting and dull. Why be with one woman when you can be with many?

The Bible paints a different picture. Not only is being with the same person for your whole life not boring, it should be seen as a blessing! We can’t allow the world to control the way we look at marriage. Look at Proverbs 5, for example. Solomon was a man who had been with hundreds of women. If there was ever a man who would tell us the benefits of the world’s approach to marriage, it would have been Solomon. Instead, in chapter 5, Solomon urges us to be with one person and recognize the blessings that come with that. In fact, he also describes the consequences that occur when we approach things in any other way. Solomon understood that being with one person is a blessing from God. God’s view of marriage is clear. Marriage is not meant to be the temporary thing that the world has made it to be (Matthew 19:3-9).

It seems funny to me that almost every person, when taking their vows, will say the words “’til death do us part.” The world has removed the word “death” in their mind and replaced it with whatever it is that they deem appropriate. If it’s another woman…”til another woman do us part.” If it’s a disagreement…”til a disagreement do us part.” It’s time we take marriage more seriously and recognize it as the blessing that God intended it to be.

For those of you who are getting ready to take the plunge into marriage, I hope you’ll consider these things and make sure you are prepared to make the commitment you need to. For those of you who are already married, I hope you will sit down with your spouse and remind them that regardless of the situation, you’ll be there to work things out. And for those of you still looking for that person, I hope you will look for someone that views marriage the same way that you do and the same way that God does.


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One response to “‘Til “fill-in-the-blank” Do Us Part

  • Brittany

    Once again, a great post Jeremy. This topic comes up for me alot, especially at school. It is so sad to me the way that people treat/think about marriage. Even those who aren’t divorced, but who aren’t treating their spouse the way they vowed that they would.
    Random fact for you – Michael and I didn’t say “til death do us part”, we said “Until I lay you at Jesus’ feet”.

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